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De Deelstaat = is a residency project in which foreign artist initiatives are invited to join in an intensive collaboration with Extrapool Deelstaat means Shared State in Dutch. Artist Initiatives are seen as a "state" (staat) in this concept, with their own rules and working methodes. These two states will temporarily form one state during the project "De Deelstaat="

zondag 27 oktober 2013

What the hell is going on at Extrapool?

Come see for yourself at 16.00 today! The end presentation will include new work by Moe Satt, Ma Ei, Hinde Chaatouf, Jérôme Porsperger, Maung Day, Ieke Trinks and Mrat Lunn Htwann!

While we are making the last adjustments to the venue, you can look forward to a great afternoon with actions by artists including Ieke Trinks, Jérôme Porsperger and Mratt Lunn Htwann.

You can find the full performance schedule upon arrival at Extrapool. And also, there is food!

So forget about the rain and come to Extrapool this afternoon!

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

Footage from october 18th

While we are preparing for the end presentation, let's not forget that we had a great evening with lectures from Ieke Trinks and Moe Satt and performances from Maung Day, Ma Ei, Moe Satt and Mratt Lunn Htwann.

Here is some footage of the performances that where made on october 18th:

Queen of the T(h)ree S(o/u)ns

Queen of the Tree Sons/Queen of the Three Suns

A project by Hinde Chaatouf featuring Jérôme Porsperger

You can see this wonderful series along with other projects at the end presentation of Deelstaat= Extrapool + Beyond Pressure on october 27th.

woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Works in progress!

The artists are working on the pieces they will show in the end presentation on october 27th. Here are some images of the processes that have been going on in the last couple of days.

Ma Ei from Myanmar invited artists and organizers for a group portrait last saturday. She will now alter the images to turn them into a family portrait:

Ma Ei

Jérôme Porsperger from Belgium took long rides on his bicycle, shooting footage of the nature and water surrounding Nijmegen and had some special meetings while doing this. He also conducted his invisible orchestra on the roof of Extrapool:

Jérôme Porsperger

Moe Satt from Myanmar visited famous spots in Nijmegen and shot footage with his balloon-puppet that will be used in a stop-motion video:

Moe Satt

dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Workshop footage!

While the artists of Deelstaat= are working around the clock, we post some footage of last week's workshop by Moe Satt, held on october 16th.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow we'll start showing footage of the works-in-progress that will be shown at the end presentation!

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Day 4: Myanmar evening at Extrapool


lectures by
- Moe Satt
  on performance art in Myanmar, Asia and Beyond Pressure
- Ieke Trinks
  performance on performance, lecture on her work, Trickster and PAE

Performances by Moe Satt, Maung Day, Ma Ei and Mrat Lunn Htwann.
The atmosphere was open and intimate, playful and loaded with a subtile seriousness.
Through the performances the political situation in Myanmar got tangible.
The curious audience was invited to participate in every performance, which happened with great eagerness and surprising effects and reactions.
Each performance got different layers and directions.
The mingling of the States in Extrapool found ground.

performance- lecture by  Ieke Trinks

lecture by Moe Satt, Myanmar

result of performances by Maung Day (text) and Moe Satt (drawing on text)

performance 'smile' Moe Satt

performance Ma Ei

performance by Mrat Lunn Htwann

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Day 3: workshop by Moritz Ebinger

Day 3:

Moritz Ebinger, artist, joins Deelstaat=.
He gives a workshop in the Kronenburger Park in Nijmegen.

The workshop consist of the following parts:
     a. Moritz asks the artists to respond to a song he wrote.
     b. The workshop is to be held outside in the park.

 In the park Moritz starts with drawing on leaves, that he pickes up from the ground. He gives each  artist a leaf. The artists make drawings on the leaves and add things, like wire and actions.

                                                                            Ma Ei

Ieke Trinks

After listening to the song Moritz wrote, everyone is invited to play - make sound - on the trombone.

                                                                   Mrat Lunn Htwann

                                                                        Ieke Trinks


A passerby is also invited to join and play on the trombone. He plays the 'Stars from Heaven'. However, he was too shy to come and play a live performance in Extrapool on friday, 18th october: The Myanmar Performance Night.

                                                                     Moritz Ebinger

Moritz tells the story about how he got the trombone from a friend.

The sounds made in the park with the trombone will be used for a grammaphone record by Moritz for the 'Golden Project', on which he is currently working. Two participants of the Deelstaat - Hinde Chaatouf en Maung Day - are invited and now busy making poems for this project.